There are tons and tons of clothes thrown into the garbage every day. Fabrics are also one of the major causes of ocean pollution. Threads of fabrics swimming in the ocean sometimes lead to choking to turtles while some mistake it for food. It’s not only the ocean it damages but also the creatures that live in it.


We should stop polluting the world for the fleeting pleasure of buying new clothing. Recycling clothes is one way to reduce the garbage on this planet. Here’s how:

How Dress Sustainably?

Invest in Clothes for Longevity

Some people buy clothes just for a specific occasion then dumped into the closet for years. Some buy but never wears them. While some, buy garments just because. There are a million reasons to buy clothes. The best reason is you buy clothing because you are going to use it. For one to fully utilise the function of the clothes, their purpose, and the price that comes along with it, you will need to use it at least thirty times, hence, invest in clothes for longevity.

Mindful Where to Purchase

As was headlined, companies that practice fast fashion are unethical. They sell overpriced pieces while workers scrounge for at least a fair salary. So, to become more responsible when it comes to fashion, know where to shop. There are many brands that are now practising the ethical way of producing garments. There are also new and upcoming brands that practice slow fashion and sustainable biodegradable fabrics. These brands are very transparent in their operations and always thinking green from materials to packaging.

Go Vintage Shopping

Every piece of clothing made a significant carbon footprint. This only applies to the new manufacturing schemes of clothes. Vintage clothes, on the other hand, need no new energy to produce. Vintage clothing plays a vital role in promoting sustainable fashion while reducing global pollution issues. Just by making the fabric itself, tons of toxic materials are used while dyeing and bleaching need nine trillion litres of water. Thus, buying new ones is one way that encourages these giant companies to keep on wasting resources.


Rental Fashion for Occasions

Another eco-friendly option for lovers of fashion is to rent clothes for occasions. Apart from helping save the planet, you will also save money. To minimise the waste and overusing resources, stop help putting those clothes in landfills and rent instead of buying. It is the right and wisest thing to do.


Trans-Seasonal Clothes Should Be in Your Wardrobe

For you to pass the thirty wear requirement, opt for clothes that will be functional all year round. Jeans, t-shirts, simple classic dresses, and jackets are clothes that you can spend on. If you worry about it going out of style, choose pieces that are simple and timeless.

Donate Your Clothes

If you have tons of clothes just sitting in your cabinet untouched for months or years, donate them. Donate your clothes that don’t fit you anymore or you don’t have the need for them. You can also feel less guilty to buy a new one and donate an old one.

Take Care of Your Clothes

Another takeaway to promote longevity is to learn how to properly care for your clothes. To keep it from going to trash because of laundry damage, learn how to wash your garments the appropriate way.  If you own clothes that need a special way of washing, you will need to be mindful of how you handle them to keep their pristine condition longer.

Learn How to Repair

If you know how to repair clothes, you will need no tailor or new ones anymore. A simple skill of sewing can go a long way. For your clothes to stay in your closet for long, at least know how to stitch small damages or find a tailor.

Quality Over Quantity

Most clothes that are discarded are ones of poor quality. A few wears are enough to put those clothes in the trash. So, if you’re investing in new clothes, choose the ones of good quality. You will be able to pass the thirty wear test, enjoy the comfort of quality clothes, and help save the planet.


Every soul on this planet needs to change perspective and see our dying planet. Everyone must work hand-in-hand to continue living in the world that showers us only with love and beauty. Thus, sustainable fashion is one thing that can ignite that.