Does acne have you? Acne can be an annoyance, it can drive anyone crazy. But, you do not have to live with those pesky red bumps. Follow our amazingly helpful tips and you can have clear, beautiful, acne-free skin and say good-bye to acne, once and for all.

If acne is bothering you, keep away from makeup. Putting makeup products on your face will cause your pores to become clogged. Clogged pores will create more blackheads and pimples. Water-based makeup is a better option, although wearing nothing on your face is highly recommended if you are trying to clear up acne.

To eliminate acne, among the best things that you can do is exercise three or more times each week. Exercising helps to eliminate toxins from the inside out, which can build up under your skin and cause irritation and acne lesions. Additionally, exercising facilitates perspiration, unclogging your pores and creating a pristine appearance.

If you exfoliate within your skin care regime, focus on spending time, not exerting pressure. In other words, avoid scrubbing your face hard in order to achieve the quantity of exfoliation you desire. Rather, exfoliate for a little longer, which will prevent you from doing damage to your skin, and will promote the healthy, smooth, glowing skin you want.

Cleaning your face is important in fighting acne, but you need to be sure not to wash it too much. Washing your face too much will leave it exposed to the sun, which will lead to an oil build-up that can lead to even more acne. You should try to wash your face once every 2 days for healthy skin.

To reduce the redness that often includes acne-irritated skin, stay cool. When your body overheats, it gets rid of the extra warmth by sending warmth into your capillaries, where the heat can escape through your skin. Unfortunately, this produces a flushed look that can highlight already-reddened pimples or broken capillaries. Have a cool drink, turn on the fan and avoid steam rooms and sunburns if you want to keep redness at bay.

You should always watch what kind of chemicals you are putting on your face. Some of those chemicals with clear away all of the oil on your skin. By doing this, your body compensates by producing even more amounts of oil and will cause further congestion of your pores and more acne.

One way to help prevent an acne breakout is to sleep on your back. If you prefer to sleep on your stomach, then your face is constantly in contact with the oils deposited there by your hair and face, so sleeping on your back is advised. Additionally, you will need to clean your pillow cases regularly to eliminate these oils as well.

If you have scarring from severe acne, go to your skin doctor and inquire about laser therapy and the different kinds of acne scar treatments. CO2 fractional laser treatment eliminates the first layer of skin from your face, making a smoother look with less reddish marks and discolorations, improving your appearance.

Consider adding an overnight treatment to your skin care product line. While you sleep, increases in hormones encourage your glands to make oil. This causes your skin to have a shiny appearance and may also promote the development of acne. Using an overnight treatment can combat some of those concerns.

Eliminating these annoying blemishes is possible and you can do it by following the tips above. Living with acne can be something that you dislike, but you don’t have to deal with those aggravating red bumps anymore. Provide our tips a try and kick your acne to the curb.